Photography by Lita Bosch.

Las Coleccionistas is a photography studio located in Barcelona set up in 2009 when María Revuelta and Núria del Moral decided to start making mutual visual projects.

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Las Coleccionistas works to explore new ways of expression and creativity in the use of photography. We understand photography as a way of communication, but also as a way to help us finding new meanings and alternative interpretations of our surroundings.

The aim of the studio is to create in time a coherent body of work both with self-commisioned projects and in collaboration with other local companies, ad agencies, designers and other creators.

Experimentation is at the core of the studio's practise. Las Coleccionistas left its mark on every aspect of the creativity process. In addition to photography, we art direct shoots from inception to completion; from initial concepts to the designs and creation of the sets. We also expand our practise designing product collections of unique items in limited numbers to research new photography applications.

"To collect photographs is to collect the world (...) Any collection of photographs is an exercise in surrealist montage and the surrealist abbreviation of history". Susan Sontag