Vida líquida

Right in the heart of the big city, where the smoke vanishes and thousands of events unfold and get lost with new finds. Trapped by the anguish of not moving at the pace of what's around us and the present feeling of void that we get from the objects we own. Life is now but a - possibly endless - series of neverending beginnings and eternal new endings.

Video project based on the Sygmunt Bauman's idea of "liquid life".


Tasks: Concept development, production, art direction, set design and postproduction.

Concept, composition and set design in collaboration with Pau Arregui. Editing by Oriol Alegret.

Vida líquida II Music Video Premiere on Rockdelux.

Featured in Yellowtrace and Artnau.

Vida líquida I

Za!'s Tueste Natural Music Video.

Vida líquida II

Za!'s Hottero!! Music Video.